More efficiency needed, but no time for shut-down

Typical Trimvac® trim handling system by TM Systems®


The customer’s trim conveying system was not efficient enough. The existing system was ejector-based. The winder was not able to run at full speed and the ejector air was blown to the pulper causing the area to become over-pressurised. Additionally, the energy consumption was too high. 


Installation of a Trimvac® trim conveying system as well as design and supply of new trim chutes. Due to online winder, the equipment installation was carried out during a short shutdown. The tight schedule included installation, commissioning and start-up of the systems, after which the winder was immediately able to run smoothly at full speed, trouble-free.  Our successful delivery ensured that the production did not suffer. 


  • The winder is able to run at full speed even with significantly wider trims. 
  • The energy consumption is reduced.
  • The pulper area is no longer over-pressurized, resulting in reduced humidity in the area thus eliminating the corrosion of the equipment.