Sunday, 6.1.2013

Strategic cooperation GreenStream and TM Systems®

GreenStream Network plc, a leading Nordic company focused on providing carbon asset management, comprehensive services in the climate and renewable energy markets and delivering energy efficiency projects in China, and TM System Finland Oy, the Finnish industrial energy efficiency company and the parent company of the TM Systems group, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership designed to enhance energy efficiency opportunities in China.

The 12th Five-Year Plan of China has set ambitious goals for energy saving and reducing energy intensity. In combination with the scale of the Chinese economy, the achievement of these goals will have significant environmental benefits. Through the announced partnership, TM Systems® and GreenStream can accelerate the expansion of their respective energy efficiency businesses in China. This expansion will build on current successes: TM Systems® doubled its production capacity and has already extensive track record in China, having delivered equipment that saves over 4 TWh/per annum of energy; and GreenStream’s Beijing-based team has a market-leading position in China with GreenStream being the carbon finance partner for project owners in more than 65 projects.

GreenStream’s activities in China are delivered through a joint venture with Juno Capital Group. This collaboration results in a unique combination of local experience and relationships with GreenStream’s world-leading expertises and leverages a strong network of key industrial, financial and regulatory stakeholders in China. This co-operation model was recently recognized by GreenStream being announced as a finalist in the 2012 European Business Awards for the Environment (International Co-Operation category).

In relation to the announced partnership with GreenStream, Markus Hallapuro, the director of Business Development and the main owner of TM Systems® stated “through this cooperation with a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner, TM Systems® will be able to significantly extend its customer base in China”.

Similarly, Jussi Nykänen, Chairman of the Board and founder of GreenStream noted that: “By using a model (known as “ESCO”) whereby GreenStream finances the implementation of world-class TM Systems® solutions through utilising the energy savings generated, GreenStream and TM Systems® will enable Chinese industry to meet their energy efficiency goals.”

The cooperation of GreenStream and TM Systems® is further supported by the recent announcement by TEKES of the establishment of a national project on Energy Efficiency Solution Business Concept for the Chinese Industrial Market.

Further information:
TM System Finland Oy
Markus Hallapuro
Tel +358-400-786 135

GreenStream Network Plc

Jussi Nykänen, Chairman of the Board
Tel: +358-40-840 8001

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