Get more with less – sustainable fertilizer production with TM Systems® solutions

Global populations continue to increase rapidly while the amount of arable land per-capita simultaneously declines. To feed the population, the food grain production has to increase. To increase the crop output, intensification of the output on existing land must account for most of the growth which means the increased need for fertilizers.

TM Systems® technology helps to turn waste, sludges, biomass, industrial sidestreams and by-products into fertilizers.

Drying of the recycled fertilizer material optimizes the handling and usage of the fertilizer products and turns the target market of the recycled fertilizer industry from local to global. Dried recycled fertilizers can be packed, stored and transported from anywhere to anywhere. Our game changing drying process is scalable to different production sizes, with zero emissions. The process is emission-free and, at the same time, it makes the production process profitable because of its energy efficiency and low OPEX.

TM Systems® also helps fertilizer producers achieve other vital sustainability targets: the energy source can be changed from fossil energy to renewable and the energy consumption of the manufacturing process can be minimized. Simultaneously, the amount of GHG and other emissions and odors can be removed.