Heating, ventilation and air conditioning by TM Systems®

TM Systems® offers HVAC equipment for turbine halls, boiler rooms, control rooms, electrical rooms, laboratory and special rooms.

Turnkey solution with engineering, delivery and installation of the equipment is usually included.


  • Optimizing the supply of fresh air minimizes the energy usage
  • The controlled air temperature and humidity helps to avoid condensation, deterioration and corrosion of the building, machinery and electrical devices, thus increasing their lifetime
  • Providing ideal working conditions for personnel
  • Reducing production downtime

Make-up air unit

Overpressure in the rooms is kept by make-up air units supplying mechanically and chemically filtered air that is heated and cooled. Units are modular enabling easy installation inside the building.

Circulation air unit

Prefabricated circulation air units are used to cool down the electrical rooms. Units are located either inside or outside the electrical rooms.

Chemical filtration unit

Chemical filters are used to clean the make-up air for electrical rooms. TM Systems® APU (Air purification unit) is equipped with mechanical prefilter , fine filter and up to 3-stage chemical filtration.

How it works

The exhaust and supply air units are chosen so that air flows, temperatures and air balance are optimized to make the HVAC system energy efficient. An effective ventilation system keeps the indoor temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure within desired tolerances, while chemical filters remove corrosive impurities which are harmful for electrical components. The cooling of electrical rooms is done by circulation air units located inside or outside the electrical rooms. Make-up air units supply fresh air to the rooms in order to keep them over pressurised.

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