Trimvac® Trim Handling with 60% smaller energy consumption

A modern, quiet and efficient trim handling solution.

Looking for energy-efficiency and scalability to your trim system? Take a closer look at TM Systems®’ Trimvac® wet separator trim handling system – the result of our long-term R&D and our world-wide leadership in our field.

Trimvac® can easily be adapted to handle trim from several machines simultaneously on a single fan and with minimal maintenance.

Trimvac® employs a single fan to pneumatically transport trim in a single ribbon from the cutting point all the way to the pulper of your choice. By running the system on a single fan, and removing the need to shred the trim, TM Systems® has managed to minimize the energy consumption, dust buildup and service costs which guarantees an efficient and trouble free solution for trim handling.

Air volume flows in the system can be easily controlled through the use of a frequency controller installed on the fan. This allows a full control of use-case scenarios in situations where several machines are connected to the system but are intermittently run. Further control for individual line velocities is built in to guarantee the optimal performance even in situations where the paper grade of the trim varies between batches.


  • The energy consumption and cost with Trimvac® only 40% compared to conventional trim handling systems
  • Can be connected to very fast winders
  • Can be connected to several machines, of varying speed, simultaneously
  • Improves winder productivity
  • Controls trim tension at slitting
  • Silent
  • Entire system can run on a single fan
  • No need for shredding or chopping the trim
  • Requires less maintenance than competing systems
  • Prevents dust from spreading
  • Transportation distance up to 200 m without booster fans. Even further if boosters are employed.

How it works

Trim enters into Trimvac® system through the trim chutes; a suction duct designed according to the individual parameters of the cutting machine to maintain the correct velocities and air volumes for efficient pick-up of the trim without tearing it. From there the trim is transported through the branch ducts until they join together to form the trunk duct, which then leads to the center unit, Trimvac® wet separator.

Trimvac® system is built around the wet separator; a central unit that separates the transport air from the paper and dust through the use of knockdown showers. In order to save water, the knockdown showers instead use stock from the trim pulper which is continuously circulated back to the pulper. As the trim and dust gets separated from the transport air it gets flushed down through the effluent pipe back into the pulper, from where it returns to the general process.

The transport air travels from the separator to Trimvac® system fan. At this point the air contains minimal amounts of dust, thanks to the scrubber effect of the separator, and can safely be exhausted without the need for further filtering or dust separation. The transport air is simply transported outside of the building where it is released into the atmosphere.

The stock circulation system consists of a circulation pump to bring stock from the pulper up to Trimvac® wet separator, as well as piping to allow for consistency control and flushing in case the system has been out of service for an extended amount of time.

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    where Trimvac® can be used