Large scale trim handling with Trimvac® by TM Systems®

A Trimvac® trim handling system for a new converting plant in Setubal, Portugal.   

The converting plant Trimvac® separator with a diameter of 5,3 metres is the largest ever built by TM Systems®


The biggest requirement was a scalable and energy efficient solution. Another requirement was to minimize the pressure losses of the system and thus the energy consumption at Setubal’s new converting plant. 

Scalability was essential due to the size of the converting hall and the large number of cut size and folio sheeters. Different sheeters have variable demands for trim handling. 


The customer had already 10 years of experience of Trimvac® system at their Soporcel Mill, so it was safe to choose TM Systems’ Trimvac® for their new mill.  A complete solution was provided by TM Systems® , including a large scale Trimvac® system for the converting plant. It is the largest Trimvac® built to date, with a diameter of 5.3 metres. 

TM Systems® also delivered a dry trim handling system for the commissioning period of the sheeters and for the periods when the machine is shut down and the pulpers are not in operation. Also a dust removal system for the sheeters was delivered. 

TM Systems® delivered Trimvac® trim handling systems for 11 machines in total. 

How it works

One of the most important features of the Trimvac® system is that it does not disturb trim cutting at the sheeters. The tension of the trim can be adjusted to fit different production demands. 

The duct sections such as t-connections, elbows etc. for the trim handling system were carefully designed in order to meet the requirement of minimizing pressure losses and thus the energy consumption. 

The width of the trim varies requiring different parameters for the branches. The longest distance from a sheeter to the Trimvac® separator is over 150 meters. 


  • Trimvac® system for the converting plant typically uses only one third of the energy consumed by a conventional dry trim handling system or a high vacuum trim handling system.  
  • The energy consumed per transported trim flow is the lowest ever built by TM Systems®.  
  • Trimvac® also means low maintenance costs. The system has only one standard vacuum fan which does not require cutting knives which would require frequent maintenance.  
  • Trimvac® system does not create cutting dust, thus minimizing the cleaning costs.