TM Systems’s Strategy

TM Systems has a 50-year history as a technology supplier for the process industry, leveraging extensive know-how and a loyal customer base. We offer product development and an expanded portfolio to address various production challenges in an increasingly efficiency- and sustainability-driven operating environment, with a focus on areas such as climate change prevention, circular economy, resource and energy efficiency, and nature conservation.

TM Systems’s strategic goal for the upcoming years is to become a prominent international technology provider of air and drying solutions for sustainable production. We aim for profitable growth and the expansion of our customer base from the paper industry to new industries and geographical areas.

How do we plan to achieve our goals?


TM Systems supports customers and their processes by developing and delivering innovative solutions for air, energy, and material processing. These solutions are tailored to optimize the customer’s operating environment and needs, enabling the implementation of radically new, environmentally and economically sustainable production processes and products. Our aim is to provide the best benefit-price ratio without compromising quality.


We enable sustainable production for our global (industrial) customers via game changing smart material and energy efficiency and emission capturing technologies.


TM Systems provides novel, cutting-edge solutions for sustainable industrial processes. Due to our solutions, our customers can do their business and proudly present their low carbon footprint to the world.

TM Systems’ core values

Strategic goals

Increased awareness: Awareness of TM Systems and its products will be growing in the global market. The company is known as a technology and solution provider for sustainable process production.
Optimal product portfolio fueled by green transition: TM Systems’ products cover energy efficiency, process optimization, drying, emission control technological solutions.
Continuous development of customer insights: We expand and deepen our understanding of customers in new areas to solve their current and future problems.
Extended customer base and markets: TM Systems aims to expand into new regions and sectors, thereby creating new diverse customer relationships of various sizes in addition to its existing customer base.
Profitable growth achieved: We primarily pursue growth through profitable revenue financing, achieved by increasing sales of core products and entering into new markets with new products, supported by appropriate financial instruments.
New business models leveraged: We implement innovative revenue models by increasing the proportion of services and leveraging data utilization.
Strong R&D: We maintain our position as forerunners and enhance our competitiveness further by investing in product development.