Tuesday, 2.1.2024

Successful Launch: Shanying PM17 Commences Operations in October 2023

TM Systems and Shanying International in China recently completed a project that involved the establishment of new paper production lines with high energy and resource efficiency. Shanying PM17 successfully commenced operations on October 10, 2023. The first roll of paper from the production during the startup phase marked the moment when the machine speed and paper basic weight reached normal production levels.

Shanying International Holdings is a global company focusing on recycling materials for paper production, manufacturing various paper types, and creating customized packaging. Their objective is to become a leading global provider of eco-friendly solutions, benefiting customers in the long run. Shanying International has worked hard to make manufacturing processes more environmentally friendly, reducing energy usage and promoting practices that minimize negative environmental impact. 

TM Systems and Shanying International recently completed a project that aimed at achieving the customer’s sustainability goals. This involved establishing new paper production lines with high energy- and resource efficiency.

Picture: The first roll of paper from the production line was ready already on October 9.

TM Systems provided essential products, including closed hoods for the dryer section, air systems, heat recovery systems, and ventilation systems for the wire section. These contributions significantly enhanced the overall efficiency and functionality of the paper production process. 

We are pleased with the successful execution of the recent project, from the initial design phase to manufacturing, delivery, installation, and startup. The customer expressed satisfaction, confirming that our delivery and startup processes exceeded their expectations.  

Having collaborated successfully for nearly a decade, TM Systems and Shanying look forward to continuing their partnership in the future. Previous projects include Anhui Shanying PM1, Hubei PM21, and Guangdong PM53. Currently, we are working together on another project that began earlier in 2023.

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