Thursday, 24.3.2022

TM Systems® receives EU funding for launch of new product

TM Systems® has received substantial funding from the European Union for the full-scale commercial launch of an ongoing product development project – SuperDryer™. The innovative new drying system for pulp, recycled fibres and other fibrous sludges aims to significantly reduce energy consumption in drying processes, cut emissions to zero and turn processes CO2 negative. Being able to utilize renewable energy sources, it accelerates industrial transition from fossil fuels to renewables. SuperDryer’s scalability enables it to serve both local circular economies and large production plants.

European Union’s EIC Accelerator programme helps companies to bring innovative and game-changing new technologies to the market. Among thousands of applicants, TM Systems® was hand-picked as one of the total of 99 recipients for the grant after a rigorous selection process.

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