Thursday, 14.10.2010

TM Systems® to join the Cleantech Finland program

TM Systems® has become a member in the Cleantech Finland program in order to promote its energy saving solutions and air systems in pulp & paper industry as well as in different industrial processes.

Cleantech comprises all products, services, processes and technologies that prevent or reduce the impact of harmful actions on the environment. Furthermore, Cleantech stands for better quality, efficiency, progress, effectiveness, and profitability. The Cleantech Finland program brings together top Finnish cleantech companies and experts. One of Cleantech Finland’s sub-categories “energy efficiency and air protection” is directly linked to TM Systems’ business in serving pulp & paper industries, and helping them minimize their energy and water use.

“One of the key factors in the success of Finnish cleantech solutions is the capability to use energy and resources more efficiently while reducing emissions. TM Systems® is an innovative cleantech company and a forerunner in energy saving solutions “, explains Santtu Hulkkonen, Executive Director, Cleantech Finland, Finpro.

For more information, please contact:

TM System Finland Oy
Markus Hallapuro, CEO
Phone: +358 2 419 5500

Finpro Oy
Santtu Hulkkonen, Executive Director, Cleantech Finland, Finpro
Phone +358 40 343 3341

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