The change has been acknowledged

The biggest reward for us is to see how our technology creates a more sustainable planet. Our groundbreaking innovations eliminate airborne emissions and greenhouse gases, enabling our industrial clients to significantly reduce their carbon footprint in response to regulatory, investor, and consumer demands. We are happy to share that our solutions have been rewarded by different actors, further showing how dedicated we are to taking care of the environment.

We are extremely grateful and proud of these industry recognitions:

Climate change and Zero emissions

TM Systems was awarded the Born Global 2022 Award for our game changing technology that saves industrial energy and reduces greenhouse gases and industrial energy consumption.

Pentti Malaska Futures Award was given to us for a research-based and groundbreaking visionary innovation that can help with building a more sustainable global future.

Resource efficiency, Circular economy and Biodiversity

EU funding for launch of new product: TM Systems received substantial funding from the European Union for the full-scale commercial launch of an ongoing product development project, SuperDryer. SuperDryer™, along with the award-winning, patented closed-loop emission-control system Zero-Ex®, turns waste into a commodity efficiently, cost-effectively and with zero emissions.

Strengthening Finland’s economy

TM Systems has recently earned the ‘Strongest in Finland’ certification, which symbolizes our contribution to the strength of the Finnish economy, both now and in the future. It says that we are a reliable partner, a financially stable company, and it is safe to do business with us. Read more

Networks and Collaborations for Sustainable development

We’re part of many groups that help us reach further than our size suggests, helping us grow and do more. Read more about the different ecosystems that we are a part of.