Wednesday, 28.2.2024

Cleaning Our Air – Companies Are Tackling Asia’s Airborne Emission Problem

TM Systems has successfully conducted a project for emission capturing in collaboration with a long-term partner in China. Throughout this project, five Zero-Ex® units were installed to eliminate emissions from the production plant’s exhaust air.

Novel approaches and innovative technologies are constantly being developed to fight climate change and reduce emissions. Governments cannot solve the climate crisis alone, which makes the private sector’s concrete actions necessary. 

A forerunner paper and board manufacturer in China is leading by example and shows how originally emission intensive processes can be designed sustainably. The company has started to lower its emissions drastically with Zero-Ex®, a game-changing emission control system by TM Systems that enables the creation of controlled circumstances in a closed process of air cleaning. It separates emissions from the exhaust air before releasing the air back to the process.  

At the site, Zero-Ex units have been quietly purifying the surrounding air since 2022. The 10-meter-tall tower with a 3-meter-tall emission capture unit, reduces levels of sulfuric compounds, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other fine particles by using specific scrubbing liquids depending on the exhaust type.  

To give an example of what emission capturing implies and on what scale, a regular sized paper or board machine runs around 200 cubic meters of air per second depending on the size of the mill. The air contains different greenhouse gases, such as CO2, VOCs, odor and particle emissions. Zero-Ex captures harmful emissions from the air while also removing all the excess water vapor. One unit can run over 17M cubic meters of air per day, which is about 17 times the volume of the Empire State building!

As emission capturing is increasingly crucial for many companies and industries globally, novel technologies are urgently needed. Zero-Ex can help companies, industries and governments in achieving cleaner air. Zero-Ex can be scaled up to clean different sized factories in all industries, public spaces and even entire cities.

For more information about Zero-Ex, check here.

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