Tuesday, 26.3.2024

Discover Our Sustainable Solutions and Meet Us at Argus Biomass London Event

We are pleased to announce our participation in the Argus Biomass London 2024 event on the 23rd to 25th of April. See you in London in April 2024 – Find us at Booth Number 10 as well as on the stage.

Biomass is a crucial theme in today’s world due to the impending ban on fossil fuels and the depletion of natural resources. Biomasses, industrial rejects, sludges, and slurries often have a high fiber content, making them extremely valuable for further use. However, these resources are often burned wet or discharged in landfills, wasting their potential as higher value products. 

One way to address these issues is to move towards more sustainable resource use and energy production. Our drying technology, SuperDryer, accelerates a large-scale sustainability leap in the industry by enabling emission-free Waste-to-Energy, Waste-to-X, and Bio-to-X processes that would not be economically viable without efficient drying. 

See you in London – Find us at Booth Number 10

Future of biomass, the key benefits of SuperDryer and much more will be covered in our presentation on Wednesday 24th of April on the innovation stage. Additionally, we will participate in a panel discussion with other industry experts on Wednesday. The topics addressed will include how utilities plan to adapt to new market entrants and growing demand, as well as how the biomass industry can ensure a sustainable supply without depleting natural resources.

We will be showcasing SuperDryer, our emission-control technology Zero-Ex®, and much more at the event! See you in London in April 2024 – Find us at Booth Number 10 as well as on the stage. We will also be displaying various dried biomass samples at the stand.

How did we get here? 

In 2018, the development of the SuperDryer began as a solution to a raw material supply issue faced by a global customer in response to China tightening its legislation on waste imports, ultimately imposing a ban on unprocessed recycled paper and cardboard. This led to challenges for both Chinese mills, facing a shortage of raw material, and Western countries accumulating unused recycled materials due to updated EU directives restricting landfilling. The absence of suitable technology, represented by oversized, expensive, and environmentally polluting pulp dryers with high operating costs, posed a substantial barrier to the profitability of drying recycled fibers. 

The emission-free and energy-efficient SuperDryer, scalable for various production sizes and needs, was initially developed to solve the described problem. Soon, we realized that our technology offered a sustainability leap much larger than that. 

Through product development, we designed SuperDryer to efficiently and emissions-free dry not only pulp fibers but also industrial bio-based fibers, addressing environmental regulations and climate protection. Recognition from the European Union’s EIC Accelerator program affirmed our success, highlighting the significant impact of our innovative SuperDryer in solving drying challenges for various bio-based materials and fibers. 

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