Thursday, 25.1.2024

TM Systems at Forest Based Industries Event: Pioneering Sustainable Technologies for Intelligent Raw Material Use

Yesterday, TM Systems participated in the Puunjalostusinsinöörit ry (Finnish Forest Product Engineers’ Association) event in Tampere, Finland, focusing on the intelligent use of raw materials. We were thrilled to inspire and engage with future talents who will shape the technological landscape. 

As stated in the recent Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, crucial targets include a 30% conservation of land, sea, and inland waters. The framework presents overall targets that need to be achieved by 2030 to safeguard and sustainably use biodiversity. Companies like TM Systems are actively seeking solutions to increase climate resilience by reducing CO2 emissions, optimizing processes and minimizing waste. 

As a technology provider prioritizing sustainability, TM Systems enables customers to significantly cut CO2 emissions and optimize raw material usage in manufacturing industries. 

FBI (Forest Based Industries) Day 2024 brought together professionals in the forest industry, featuring presentations on transforming wood and recycled fibers into sustainable textiles, and converting waste into valuable resources.

Picture: Our team was excited to delve into discussions on the utilization of raw materials, collectively seeking innovative solutions to preserve our finite natural resources. 

One of the current challenges hindering the efficient utilization of side streams and residues from processes is the lack of sufficient drying methods. Traditional drying methods, often reliant on fossil-based energy, tend to have a high energy demand and emit greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change. Also, many drying technologies face scalability limitations and inflexibility in handling a wide range of biomass feedstocks. 

We were delighted to engage in inspiring discussions with students from various backgrounds and our network partners. Our SuperDryer™ technology piqued considerable interest as we showcased a variety of dried products, including paper sludge, zero fibers, side streams for the food industry and agriculture, and others.

Picture: On the table you can see different samples of dried biomasses.  

Gentle drying technologies, exemplified by SuperDryer, bring numerous advantages, including preserving product quality, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Industries prioritizing high-quality products and energy efficiency find these benefits highly desirable. 

For more information, contact our team or explore our test facility for drying biomasses – available for free! 

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