Monday, 13.10.2014


We are pleased to announce that TM Systems® celebrates its 40th anniversary in October 2014!

One of our determined goals from the beginning of our operations has been to be the best air system specialist in pulp and paper industry worldwide. We are proud and honored to hold this title today; our operations have been supported by our Customers since the early years of our existence, and the most valuable feedback and guidance comes to us from the professionals using our equipment in Mills around the world.

Our product development is based on our Customers’ needs. For example, around 1000 Trimvac® Systems installed around the world help Mills improve their production efficiency and quality and save energy. Our heat recovery solutions have helped achieve annually a staggering total over
6 TWh of savings globally in energy consumption for our Customers and, today, on our 40th Anniversary day, the energy saved by our heat recovery systems  exceeds 38,6 TWh already.

TM Systems® has always operated with large world-class paper and board producers around the world. Sweden and Central Europe have been important key market areas for us as well as the market areas with rapid growth in paper & pulp industry including e.g. China, Indonesia and Russia. The dynamic founder of TM Systems®, Mr. Jussi Salmela, spent years travelling around the world and making fearless pioneer work to open new markets for the company. We keep up the same spirit still today, knowing that these steps are well worth taking.

Our efforts have been rewarded very well.  By today TM Systems® has reached cooperation with as many as 10 of the top 20 paper mills in China and, by now, we have received over 30 repeat orders from one of China’s biggest paper and board producers to their Mills in different parts of China.

These 40 years have been also very instructive to us. We have learned different cultures and challenging climate and operating conditions. Our operations, solutions and equipment are proven reliable in Siberian frost, Indonesian tropic, Scandinavian Lapland as well as the sand storms of the Middle East. We have learned to operate in the places and conditions where our Customers operate.

TM Systems’ know-how and solutions are welcomed also in other industries and we have made large turn-key deliveries e.g. in mining industry.

Today is an excellent moment to thank you all for your support during the past years. Our success is based on professional, dedicated and technology-loving people in our head office in Finland and in our subsidiaries in China and in Russia. We appreciate the long term cooperation that we have with our key suppliers and respect the support of the network that believes in our mission and shares our vision. Our market position that we can be proud of today – we have reached it together. More eager and experienced than ever, we look forward to being of service to our Customers worldwide.

Markus Hallapuro
Chairman of the Board

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