It can get cold in process rooms. HVAC helps.

Boliden Kevitsa open-pit mine is situated in Kevitsa, Northern Lapland, Finland. TM Systems® delivered HVAC systems for process and special rooms. 

Cold weather conditions during winter place special requirements on HVAC and its installation. TM Systems® is very familiar with engineering and building advanced heat recovery systems with optimized energy savings for demanding and extreme conditions. 

Kevitsa plant under erection.


Extreme weather conditions in Finnish Lapland (-40°C to +30°C) set exceptionally high requirements for controlling ventilation, temperature and air humidity. Working at an open-pit mine, at 40 meters above sea level in the middle of the wilderness with no infrastructure, with electricity only through portable generators is a real challenge even for the best professionals. 


Full scale turnkey HVAC systems for complete process plant and its facilities. Heat recovery utilizing heat from the exhaust air. Dust extraction systems for cold areas such as crushing, screening and stockpile, air conditioning and cooling for electrical and control rooms. Exhaust gas removal system for mine workshops. 

How it works

The HVAC system maintains optimal indoor temperatures and ensures that the relative humidity, impurities, and dust remain at desired levels. 


  • Correct supply of fresh air.
  • Minimizing energy usage with efficient design.
  •  Providing good working conditions for personnel, machinery and electrical devices in demanding and extreme conditions.
  • Ensuring trouble-free operation of control systems: less downtime, better production efficiency.