Better paper quality, better productivity, better runnability

Dryer section air systems consist of key components that affect paper quality, productivity and paper machine runnability.

With over 50 years of experience in the field, TM Systems® is able to supply all necessary components to ventilate the dryer section: exhaust air systems, supply air systems, air distribution devices such as pocket ventilators and blowstocks.

Vacubox® web stabilizers and pocket ventilators increase production and the paper machine efficiency as well as improve the runnability and paper quality.

Choosing a partner with the highest possible knowledge of – and experience in – paper drying theory and paper machine technology is essential for any project.

TM Systems® possesses both.


  • Stable ventilation throughout the hood
  • Sustainable moisture levels for efficient drying and heat-recovery
  • Improved machine speeds and production rates
  • A stable web through the help of our runnability components

TM Systems® Pocket Ventilators

TM Systems® provides a compact but efficient basic pocket ventilator, designed to ensure proper ventilation for any closed pocket in the double-wire dryer section.

Vacubox® Web Stabilizers

TM Systems® offers Vacubox® X web stabilizers for press sections, Vacubox® P transfer boxes, Vacubox® S and 2S single or double sided web stabilizers for slalom sections and Vacubox® 3S web stabilizers for use in slalom section with suction rolls. Furthermore, HV-variants with an integrated release zone are available, as well as versions with tail threading support zones.

Vacubox® Web Stabilizers

Moist-Ex® Pocket Ventilators

The Moist-Ex® ventilation unit is a modern and improved alternative to standard pocket ventilators, based on both blowing and suction ventilation. The same unit simultaneously blows supply air into the pocket and siphons it out.

Together with proper alignment the location of the blowing/siphoning nozzles allows the unit to collect the maximum amount of moisture directly from the pocket before it has time to mix with the general hood air.

The major benefits to Moist-Ex® pocket ventilation is the ability to allow an even higher rate of evaporation from the paper-web, allowing for increased machine speeds and production. The higher moisture in the exhaust air also increases the efficiency of the heat-recovery system.

How it works

Our ventilation systems are designed to efficiently supply and exhaust to and from the drying section allowing for an efficient and controlled drying process. The evacuated moisture and heat is then recovered in our heat-recovery systems in order to minimize energy costs for running the process.
TM Systems® runnability components ensure that the paperweb runs cleanly throughout the machine without risks of web-breaks, tears or folds that can create uneven edges on the end product.

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    where Dryer Section Air Systems can be used

    where Dryer Section Air Systems can be used