When natural gas is not an option anymore

Is the continuity of your business in danger because of blocked gas supplies? Are you searching for quick alternatives to change from fossil fuels to renewables?

TM Systems® has proven technology that accelerates rapid transition from natural gas and other fossil fuels to renewable and clean energy, no matter what fuel your process was originally designed to run with.

This applies to e.g. power plants, power plants in paper mills and Yankee air systems in tissue mills, and power plants and pulp dryers in pulp mills that have traditionally used gas as the source of energy.

While fixing your fuel issues and securing the continuity of your business, we also analyze the energy sources and needs of your existing processes as a whole and complete package to detect all potential to save energy, to optimize the operations and to minimize your energy costs. Please contact us to hear more about our Shorcut to Renewables at

Bear in mind also that the side streams and by-products of your processes can be dried and utilized as a substitute for fossil fuels. Our scalable and CO2 negative SuperDryer™ helps you turn the waste into energy source, no matter what size your process is.

needing quick transfer from Fossil Energy to Renewables

supporting transfer from Fossil Energy to Renewables