Making the world a better place to live

Big cities and residental areas near factories often face problems caused by pollution, airborne emissions and landfilling of industrial sidestreams. Even though industries put an increasing amount of efforts to solve these problems, more pressure is set to them.

At TM Systems® we are happy to do our share and use our know-how and experience to solve these serious global sustainability challenges. We proudly offer our game changing technology to municipal, urban and industrial use to clean environment, to improve peoples’ life quality and to make the world a better place also for the next generations.

Urban smog

Industrial emissions cause millions of unexpected deaths world-wide and, for example, in industrialized China this has caused strict regulations in order to avoid further polluting the air. The industry of today is essential for the world economy, but there is no denying the environmental effect that the industry has had upon the world as a whole.

Stricter regulations for air pollution are apparent in many parts of the world. To comply with the regulations, new solutions and equipment to reduce the air pollution has to be developed and put into use.

At TM Systems® we see this as a challenge to be overcome. Our product development has concentrated on finding solutions to clean industrial exhaust air from vapor, SO2, VOC:s and other contaminants which are part of the smog problem and we have developed technology to remove harmful emissions from the immediate industry and its surroundings. TM Systems® exhaust air handling system Zero-Ex® purifies air from visible vapor (fog), foul smelling sulfide components and VOCs together with particulate contaminants. Read more: Zero-Ex® – zero emissions to air

Sludge and rejects – landfilled or accumulated in lakes

Industrial fibrous rejects and granular side streams – landfilled or accumulated in lakes – can be collected, dried and turned into valuable commodity with business value: source of energy or fertilizers in agriculture. Read more: SuperDryer™ – clean, energy-efficient and CO2 negative drying for sidestreams and sludges