We turn your challenges into high efficiency and sustainability

TM Systems® specializes in delivering smart turn-key solutions and equipment for industrial air handling, drying processes, energy savings, air emission control and industrial circular economy. Our game changing innovations cut airborne emissions and greenhouse gases down to zero which helps our industrial clients drastically downsize their carbon footprint as demanded by authorities, investors and consumers. TM Systems® serves several types of industry and operates globally.

Our long and close cooperation with clients and our strong practical and theoretical know-how on industrial processes, drying technologies and airborne emissions have helped us develop reliable state-of-the-art solutions and equipment that help industries increase production volume and simultaneously save energy and control industrial air emissions.

TM Systems® technical solutions are the most energy efficient on the market. Our equipment is designed for the most challenging industrial conditions with robustness and easy operability as the two key design principles. Responsible ROI through low operational costs make the investment significantly more profitable to our clients and facilitate high yields.

One of our latest solutions, SuperDryer™, is a breakthrough, low-energy, zero-emissions fiber dryer for recycled pulp, market pulp, industrial reject and sludge, municipal water treatment plants and recycled textiles – modular and scalable to all size production sites for local processing. It uses 25% less energy then competing systems, recaptures 100% of heat and traps 100% of airborne particles, cutting exhausted greenhouse gases to zero.

We have spent decades innovating, improving and optimising our technical solutions and products to suit the modern day challenges that our customers face. To ensure that the solutions developed by us are not misrepresented in theory or practice the IPR of our technology is protected.

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