State-of-the-art hood technology by TM Systems®

A high dewpoint closed dryer section hood is an essential part of a modern paper machine, but it can also greatly improve the dryer section efficiency of older paper machines.

TM Systems® offers modern solutions for closed high dewpoint hoods and open canopy hoods. For a turn-key solution our hoods can also be offered with complete dryer section process ventilation, heat recovery and runnability components.

TM Systems® has over 50 years of experience in delivering high quality hoods and hood rebuilds to a global customer base.

The basic dryer section hood design can easily be adapted to fit all machine configurations, down to the customers colors and visual design features.


  • Provides even and optimal conditions for web drying
  • Collects the energy used in web drying and prevents heat and humidity from spreading into the machine hall
  • Minimizes energy costs
  • Maximizes potential for heat recovery
  • Protects machine operators from noise, dust, heat radiation and humidity
  • Protects buildings and equipment from excessive moisture and temperatures

How it works

A dryer section hood prevents the heat and humidity from the web drying process from spreading into the machine hall and instead funnels this energy into the heat recovery process where it can be recovered and returned to the process. A high quality hood assist greatly in maintaining equipment and structural integrity and life expectancy, improving work conditions around the paper machine, minimizing energy costs and maximizing energy recovery.

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    where Hood can be used