Increase productivity without compromises

Increasing the paper and board production tonnage can be done by speeding up or alternatively producing heavier grade paper at the same speed.

TM Systems® has developed products to support this. Vacubox® Web Stabilizers, in addition to stabilizing web, reduces fluttering and web breaks. Vacubox® Web Stabilizers is proven to save at least 25% electrical energy compared to competing systems that try to achieve under-pressure with traditional, uneconomical and outdated blowing method. Web stabilization is simply more efficient with strict natural vacuum. Read more: Vacubox® Web Stabilizers

Trouble-free operation of the winders and sheet cutters reduce downtime of your paper production line. Trimvac® Trim Handling System is an energy-efficient trim handling system for winders, sheeters and cutters with the highest efficiency and reliability. It uses 60% less energy than conventional trim handling systems. Read more: Trimvac® Trim Handling System

An optimized and reliable HVAC system secures the essential operations in your production. Read more: HVAC by TM Systems®

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