Biokierto ja biokaasu ry

The Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Association

Biogas technology offers an excellent way to deal with organic waste and produce renewable energy and fertilizers, simultaneously improving ecological sustainability and climate protection.

Our technology enables our customers in the process industry to handle generated biomasses, industrial waste, and by-products profitably and environmentally sustainably. Many by-products can be transformed into products such as soil conditioners or fertilizers or used for bioenergy.

TM Systems has developed two innovative products for nutrient recycle and biogas processes – SuperDryer™ and Zero-Ex® – as additions to their existing product line. Utilizing renewable energy, these solutions make industrial drying processes carbon-negative, without emissions. SuperDryer has secured highly competitive funding from the European Innovation Council’s Accelerator program for the full-scale commercial launch of the technology. ZeroEx is also the result of extensive product development, enabling a closed-loop process air system and capturing 100% of energy, water, and emissions.