Sustainability Highlights From 2023

After 50 years as a technology supplier for the process industry, leveraging extensive know-how and a loyal customer base, at TM Systems, we advocate for recognizing the interconnectedness of climate and biodiversity conservation efforts. Transition plans must incorporate significant biodiversity components while understanding the climate benefits derived from nature-based actions by corporations. We have published our first sustainability report for 2023 to introduce you to our progress toward profitable processing in a sustainable world!

In an era where environmental and social responsibility are increasingly vital, TM Systems recognizes the importance of sustainability in all aspects of its operations. This Sustainability Report for the year 2023 serves as a comprehensive overview of our efforts to mitigate environmental impact, promote social equity, and maintain economic viability.

At TM Systems, we believe that sustainable operations and business practices not only benefit the planet but also provide avenues for future businesses. Therefore we believe that sustainable production contributes to long-term success and resilience of our organization, and our partners as well.

Through transparent reporting, we aim to engage stakeholders, including employees, investors, customers, and local communities, in our sustainability journey.

At TM Systems, we are particularly interested in bio-based residual waste and its possibilities in promoting the circular economy. Industrial bio-based by-products can be used in bioenergy production, replacing ecologically unsustainable raw materials. Due to their large quantity and nutrient content, these biomass sources are also crucial for nutrient recycling.

Leena Aarikka-Stenroos
Sustainability Lead, TM Systems