Energy Saving


Reduce production downtime and minimize the energy usage. TM Systems® offers HVAC equipment for turbine halls, boiler rooms, control rooms, electrical rooms, laboratory and special rooms. Turnkey solution with engineering, delivery and installation of the equipment is usually included.

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Food and Beverage

Processes in food and beverage industries produce CO2 and other harmful pollutants to the atmosphere. Also sidestreams such as sludges are challenges that need professional and sustainable handling without compromising the profitability of the business. The biggest environmental and economic impact lies in the industries consumption of water and energy.

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Looking for energy-efficiency and scalability to your trim system? Take a closer look at TM Systems®’ Trimvac® wet separator trim handling system – the result of our long-term R&D and our world-wide leadership in our field. The energy consumption and cost with Trimvac® is only 40% compared to conventional trim handling systems.

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