Wednesday, 7.2.2024

SuperDryer Excursion Unveils Sustainable Solutions in BioEconomy

This week, we organized an exceptionally inspiring excursion at our SuperDryer™ test facility, collaborating with the BioDemo and KiertoaSuomesta projects. SuperDryer test facility serves as a pilot for drying various fiber-rich biomasses from different industries. The event brought together companies, researchers, and experts in product development and drying processes from diverse fields.

Picture: Sini Valmari, TREASoURcE –project, MTK ry 

As we navigate challenges such as high energy consumption, resource depletion, and soil fertility decline, the call for climate innovations becomes ever more urgent. Over the past five decades, TM Systems has dedicated itself to enhancing energy and resource efficiency in the pulp and paper industry. 

Initiated under an EU grant, the SuperDryer test facility serves as a pilot for drying various fiber-rich biomasses, side streams, and rejects from different industries. To date, more than 50 organizations have tested their materials, expanding our markets into various industries. 

In an era where organizations increasingly recognize the potential of circular practices and reutilizing surplus materials, projects like BioDemo are actively building value chains between bioeconomy and circular economy actors. Simultaneously, the, funded under the EU TREASoURcE project, operates as a marketplace for biobased by-products, facilitating connections between material sellers and buyers. 

Our joint venture with the projects group, companies, and researchers allowed us to delve into advanced, emission-free drying technology, unveiling new value chains and business opportunities. 

Picture: We were delighted to receive so many interesting thoughts and questions about our emission-free drying process. In the picture, you can see our CEO, Markus Hallapuro, excitingly introducing the technology.

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