Wednesday, 28.12.2022

Test facility in Turku, Finland offers a confidential testing platform for drying various biomasses

TM Systems has secured substantial funding from the European Union for the full-scale commercial launch of an ongoing product development project – SuperDryer™. Our new test facility welcomes everyone to experiment and test dry their biomasses with the new technology. Feel free to visit our pilot plant! 

Resource-efficient, carbon-neutral solutions play a crucial role in achieving climate goals across various industries. However, the efficient, cost-effective, and energy-efficient drying of biomasses has been identified as a major obstacle in utilizing these by-products optimally, preventing their full utilization. 

TM Systems has addressed this challenge and developed a completely new drying technology, called SuperDryer™. The innovative new drying system, designed for pulp, recycled fibers, and other fibrous sludges, aims to significantly reduce energy consumption in drying processes, eliminate emissions, and achieve a net-negative CO2 impact on processes. 

Drying biobased waste or by-products using SuperDryer provides benefits for various purposes. The technology enables our client companies to transform waste or by-products into more valuable products, such as: 

  • Recycled fibers
  • Soil conditioners
  • Fertilizers  
  • Bioenergy

Contact us for more information and let’s book an appointment!

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