Open Position: Mechanical Designer or Chief Design Engineer

TM Systems® is a leading developer and supplier of industrial air, drying, and emission control systems, that establishes standards across various industries. During the past fifty years, TM Systems has worked with clients from various industries and countries on over 1000 projects. Combining creative technologies with unique customer needs has been the cornerstone since the

SuperDryer Excursion Unveils Sustainable Solutions in BioEconomy

This week, we organized an exceptionally inspiring excursion at our SuperDryer™ test facility, collaborating with the BioDemo and KiertoaSuomesta projects. SuperDryer test facility serves as a pilot for drying various fiber-rich biomasses from different industries. The event brought together companies, researchers, and experts in product development and drying processes from diverse fields. Picture: Sini Valmari,

TM Systems at Forest Based Industries Event: Pioneering Sustainable Technologies for Intelligent Raw Material Use

Yesterday, TM Systems participated in the Puunjalostusinsinöörit ry (Finnish Forest Product Engineers’ Association) event in Tampere, Finland, focusing on the intelligent use of raw materials. We were thrilled to inspire and engage with future talents who will shape the technological landscape.  As stated in the recent Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, crucial targets include a 30%

Successful Launch: Shanying PM17 Commences Operations in October 2023

TM Systems and Shanying International in China recently completed a project that involved the establishment of new paper production lines with high energy and resource efficiency. Shanying PM17 successfully commenced operations on October 10, 2023. The first roll of paper from the production during the startup phase marked the moment when the machine speed and

Season’s Greetings and Updates from 2023

In 2023, significant changes promoting global development toward a cleaner environment and sustainable energy sources have taken place. Revolutionary shifts in the industrial sector’s utilization of by-products and residues mark just the beginning of this transformation. TM Systems stands at the forefront of driving this change; we conduct research, develop, and produce cutting-edge technology to

TM Systems Reduces the Carbon Footprint of Businesses and Enhances Efficiency

TM Systems has developed two innovative products for bio-cycle and biogas processes – SuperDryer™ and Zero-Ex® – as additions to its existing product family. Harnessing renewable energy, these solutions can make industrial drying processes carbon-negative, with zero emissions. SuperDryer has secured highly competitive funding from the European Innovation Council’s Accelerator program for the full-scale commercial launch

Forests’ Carbon Sink is Rapidly Weakening – How Can the Circular Economy Help?

The reduction of carbon sinks in forests is forcing many industries to seek new solutions that would enable them to conduct their business in a more sustainable and circular way. Therefore, today, many companies have started implementing circular business models, which are crucial for developing future-proof solutions and creating a sustainable economy. By switching to